Impact Meter Services

Core Services

  • Monthly payment of electricity/water bills to the local municipal authority in respect of the building/complex for which IMS has been contracted to manage electricity / water costs. Proof of such payments can be made available to the managing agent / landlord.
  • Monthly recording of meter readings and invoicing of tenants for their electricity / water consumption accordingly.
  • Receiving of payments and credit control procedures, ensuring full and proper recovery of electrical/ water consumption costs that are incurred by consumers.
  • Maintenance of electrical / water meters to maintain maximum efficiency and accuracy, thereby reducing shortfalls in recoveries.
  • 24-hour stand-by service to ensure minimum downtime owing to electricity supply faults. (Faults in local municipality installations not included in this service).

Specialist Services:

  • Testing and maintenance of electricity metering equipment.
  • Free assistance and installation of meters for new developments. (Meters remain the property of IMS and subject to subsequent appointment for metering services to be rendered).
  • Free replacement of faulty meters on an ongoing basis. (Meters remain the property of IMS).

Value-added Services:

  • Liaison with local authority councils regarding electricity-related issues on behalf of landlords & building owners.
  • Free advisory service in cost-effective electricity management.

24-Hour Stand-By

As a value added service, Impact Meters provides a 24-hour stand-by service for electricity interruptions:
Tel 0860 222 677